Monday, February 10, 2020

Wonky Numbers

Sometimes you just get a WONKY NUMBER

You do everything the way you are supposed to.  You give a typical day of meals, all standard fair, you cover carbs and make sure your T1D son is getting enough fluids.  Things have gone according to plan all day with numbers right in range.  Then you do the bedtime check and WONKY NUMBER.  These always seem to show up at bedtime or right before you need to leave the house.  They are never the first number of a weekend morning where you had no plans except lazing about in pajamas.  Nope.  WONKY NUMBERS are for making you lose sleep or change/cancel plans.

So things have gone fine today.  He woke up right on target.  He ate the same breakfast and lunch that he has had 100 times before.  It was not a PE day at school.  All his checks were right on target.  No corrections given all day.  So at bedtime we do the check expecting to be in range but NOPE we are at 220.  Hmmm wash your hands and test again just to be sure but yep out of range.

Now I don't want to make a big deal out of it but we have been very lucky to be in range for the past several weeks.  Things have been going along as expected and our team even gave us the green light to stop the 3 a.m. glucose check.  (this is a whole different kind of problem for a later post)

How am I supposed to sleep now?  WONKY NUMBER!!!  

What if it was a fluke and I've just corrected him so that his blood glucose plunges to an unsafe low while he sleeps?  Of course, this isn't a very likely scenario.  The likely scenario is that the insulin from his dinner shot didn't absorb well or the apple he ate was more "carbalicious" than a typical apple. (Don't get me started on how some of the fancier apples can pack twice as many carbs as the more standard brands.  Our carb counting book just gives us a generic count but some apples are very carby.) 

I know it probably isn't necessary but this WONKY NUMBER is going to ruin my sleep tonight.  I've already set my 3 a.m. alarm because if I don't check I'll be up all night driving myself crazy. 

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