Monday, February 17, 2020

School Days & Weekends

We send our blood sugar numbers into a team about once a week.  Sometimes they ask us to make adjustments to our ratios, correction factor, or long acting insulin.  This is awesome and I am super thankful that we live in a time when I can send information in and have someone with expertise review it and make adjustments to our care of our T1D son. 

Here is where I have some strife though...weekend numbers are dramatically different than school day numbers.  There are so many reasons I believe this happens.  I'm never sure if I should send in weekend numbers or weekday numbers or try to send in all the numbers.  The team is usually looking for 3 days of numbers. 

During a school day, our son wakes at a specific time.  He has breakfast, usually cereal, and takes less than twenty minutes to eat it.  He rides a bus to school.  He has only twenty minutes to eat lunch at school so he asks for a simple lunch that he can eat quickly.  He has two recesses outside and twice a week he has a PE class.  He does a BG check at about 2:30 and has a snack as needed to stay in range.  His weekday numbers tend to stay between 75-110. 

On the weekends, I let him sleep in a bit (only an extra 30 minutes).  He prefers waffles and bacon on his days off and takes 30-40 minutes to eat since he is visiting and relaxed.  At lunch he again takes 30-40 minutes to eat and he typically eats 20-40 more carbs at this meal than what he eats in his school lunch.  Sometimes he is very active on the weekend and other times he is relaxing and watching TV or playing video games.  Snack & dinner are about the same on weekends and weekdays.  His weekend numbers tend to range from 100-160.

When we send in 3 days of weekday numbers we often get a response that we may need to lower doses.  When we send in weekend numbers we often get a response that we may need to increase doses.  Over the past four weeks we haven't made any changes because we go back and forth between sending in weekend & weekday numbers based on when the team requests the next set of numbers. 

We're still waiting for approval on a continuous glucose monitor and I'm hoping that changes how we are watching and adjusting for my son's best health.  Until then I will keep sending in my numbers and wondering if I'm missing a necessary change because we've had lot of 3 day weekends recently:)

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