Thursday, February 6, 2020

Unexpected Good

My friend at work has a daughter with diabetes.  She was diagnosed a year and half before my son at about the same age he is now.  I wish my friend didn't have to be a T1D Mom and I wish her daughter didn't have T1D just like I wish my son and I weren't doing this.  But...

I try to find the good.  I try to celebrate small successes and appreciate what I have.  Where I live, how I've lived and live, the fortunate life I have, my family, my house, the comforts I have.  I try to find the good.  I think most people do.  I think we humans may be predisposed to both complain and make the most of.

I was reading other blogs and looking at recipes and finding resources when I came across a survey question.  I wish I could figure out where it was and direct others there but no matter.  The question was something to the effect of: since you now have a child with type 1 diabetes, have you found any unexpected good/positive?


If you choose to look for the good you will find it.  Maybe you won't find it in every moment and maybe there will be vast amounts of time when it is too difficult to look for the good but ultimately I think it is there.

Unexpected good:

1. There are more kisses, hugs, and cuddles with my ten year old now.  He and I talked about this because he had almost "outgrown" most physical affection (yuck mom) but now that he has diabetes he feels like it is okay for him to accept and enjoy extra "love".  He said "other kids won't think its weird because I have to have shots and they will think I need hugs for that."  :)

2. We are appreciative of our family time and the simple acts of being a family.  This is probably related to the hospital visit and fear and will fade again over time but right now we are all feeling the joy of family (even my teenager).

3. I'm a terrible cook but my kids are trying to tell me something I did right at each meal.  I suspect hubby had a chat with them about it but I don't care, I'm happy to have any positive feedback.

4. I have given myself permission to leave more of my work at work and to focus my home time on being home.  I'm a teacher so bringing work home is pretty common but I am taking less home time for work right now and focusing more of my attention on being in the moments of each day including focusing on home while I am at home.

5.  When we opened up to friends and family about our son's new diagnosis we found out that we have lots of friends with type 1 diabetes.  Apparently it isn't something you brag about or talk much about unless you find out someone else can truly understand and then you are immediately bonded in a new way.

I'm hoping to come back to this post over time and add to this list but hubby asked if I would watch TV with him and so here I go to focus my time and attention on the family that wants to spend time with me right now.  Good.

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