Friday, November 6, 2020


 We finally received our Omnipod DASH® and then had to wait another six weeks to get both our pump class then pump start class done.  I know there is a pandemic but we are coming up on our one year and were beginning to think we wouldn't be on an insulin pump.  Thankfully having a child with diabetes is like having a baby - you go through all the pain and then you don't really remember it once it is over.  You just look at the baby and are thankful.  Sure the baby is sometimes cranky and difficult but still, a lot of joy to be found there.

Our pump class was on zoom which worked fine for us because we've been using zoom to teach our students remotely since last March.  The class was a powerpoint and just covered the handouts we had already read but it was a hoop to be jumped and we were ready to go.  We were told in that class that our pump orders would go to our Omnipod rep and then we'd schedule our pump start training.  Two weeks passed and we had another appointment with our endo while we waited.  He thought we'd have started but nope. Thankfully that seemed to get something moving and our ominipod rep called the following Monday and we had our pump start virtually that same Wednesday.

I will say there are a lot of pros to the Omnipod for our son and us.  Our rep walked us through our first pump site and it took only ten minutes.  We've done three more since then and felt confident.  Our son is thrilled that it doesn't really hurt and that he doesn't have to have 5+ injections per day anymore.  

We definitely don't have the right numbers plugged in yet so that isn't awesome.  We had been running on Multiple Daily Injections in range between 80-180 80% of the time with some days even better control.  Now that we've been on the pump we are in range <20% of the time.  Part of that is because we don't give a correction except at our 3 meals right now unless he is over three hundred.  Our pump is also set to not give a correction until it has been 4 hours since he last bolus but he eats lunch 3.5 hours after breakfast, and is always high, and no correction is given due to perceived insulin on board.  I know this will get adjusted over time and eventually things will be back to in range.  His BG on the insulin pump is a much straighter line without major peaks and valleys, it is just a line that is about 230 instead of 120 where we want it.

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