Saturday, October 17, 2020

And waiting and waiting and waiting

Insulin Pump 

I really wanted my next entry to be about getting our son started on an insulin pump but NOPE!  We are still waiting.  Insurance would've covered our insulin pump at 6 months post diagnosis which was June 9th but it is now Oct 17th and we have yet to start. We actually have the pump in our possession now which is a big jump from where we were in August when I last posted but it might as well be a paperweight.

We did our pump assessment class through "independent study" and two weeks ago we took the 2nd class which was via zoom.  First we received an email with handouts to read, which we read.  Then we logged into our meeting on our assigned day/time and waited for over twenty minutes; technical difficulties. When we did get into the meeting our trainer read all the handouts to us from a powerpoint and then we were told our pump orders would be sent to our pump rep after the class and we should expect our final "pump start" class to be scheduled by our rep.  

Two weeks and counting and we continue to wait.  I've reached out to children's again and been told that they are a bit behind but they would try to do it that day...that was last week.  There isn't anything to be done either which is the most frustrating part.  I don't want to be the parent that gets a reputation for being mean or aggressive but I FEEL LIKE getting mean and aggressive.

School & Coronavirus

So we've been back to school in all it's remote/distance weird glory.  We'd hoped to start our son on his pump at the beginning of the summer to alleviate the added stress the beginning of a school year can be for a family with two teachers as parents. All four of us "go" to school.  Not this year though.  No insulin pump really prevented us from feeling our son could be on campus when it opens; his school is fully remote now anyway but we signed him up for 100% virtual for the whole year.  Our older son is a Senior this year and he chose 100% virtual as well.  I'm back to campus full time with K-2 students with exceptional needs and my 3-5 graders will be back in a week.  Things seem to be going well so far but some students have arrived with fevers and the "social distancing and health" measures that are being promised aren't being enforced with fidelity.  I anticipate illnesses will be spreading in our building this winter. 

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