Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Waiting Game...Again

So here we are again...waiting.  We are six months post-diagnosis and should currently be eligible for insulin pump therapy which is exciting and we've been waiting for this time but we are currently


Our Children's Hospital was wonderful while we were getting our initial diagnosis about providing us information and training and they have been available as we've progressed in our journey and we've made it clear from the beginning that we are interested in insulin pump therapy as we know it will better keep our son in a healthy range.  At our 3 month appointment, held via phone call, we told our endocrinologist that we wanted insulin pump therapy and wanted to do anything we could to be ready when he reached 6 months which is when our insurance company will cover the insulin pump.  At that time we were told they weren't holding classes but maybe they would have them virtually over the summer. Due to the pandemic we haven't been able to attend any training on insulin pump therapy but we aren't too concerned about our ability to learn what we need in a distance model.  

We have done our own reading and research and yes, we've watched youtube videos and read blogs of others with type 1 diabetes.  We talked to friends who have insulin pump therapy as part of their lives. We  narrowed our scope to two devices, got a trial of each device and ultimately chose the one we felt would be the best "first" insulin pump for our son.  We have been keeping in contact with the insulin pump representative in our area and were made aware that our insurance wasn't covering the existing PDM for the pump until their next update and we've been told that the update occurred and insurance will start allowing coverage of new prescriptions for this insulin pump this week.  Fingers crossed but I'm only hopeful, not really optimistic.  I am pleased because this means we will likely get this done before fall but I'm not holding out hope that we'll have the insulin pump easily or quickly.  It took a lot of calling and sorting to get the approval on our CGM so I'm guessing this will be the same rigmarole.  I'm ready and willing to spend hours on the phone and feel that frustration but I wouldn't mind being spared the experience so fingers crossed.

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