Saturday, July 18, 2020

And we're waiting, and we're waiting, and we're waiting

No news on the insulin pump.  I'm bummed.  We heard from the omnipod rep that our insurance is back to approving these prescriptions and she had us contact the pharmacy that we'll need to use to ship supplies to us.  She texted the other day and asked if we have received any supplies and I got my hopes up.  I'd messaged with her at the beginning of the month and she'd told me she had checked our paperwork at Children's and that we were ready for when the update came but...nope.  According to our health insurance there has been no prescription for the insulin pump pdm, pods, or a change in insulin order.  


I'm not surprised but I'm not happy.  I wanted to believe the medical team we met via phone three months ago who said we'd be fine to start on insulin pump therapy but would likely need to take a zoom pump therapy assessment session (they didn't have them yet but they were sure they would be starting them soon since Covid19 had suspended a lot of in-person care).  I wanted to believe the rep from Omnipod that the paperwork was done and we were just waiting for an update to the omnipod.  I wanted to believe just yesterday when I got that text that we should've started receiving supplies by now.  Wanting something is just not enough.  I emailed our endocrinologist and explained all the research and reading we've done and how ready we believe we are.  I texted the rep back and said we've spoken to insurance and the insurance approved pharmacy for shipping.  I, in fact, did talk to several people because I've already found you have to get transferred through several people before you get someone who knows anything about what you are asking about.  

I'm not 100% sure where our hang up is or what I can possibly do to expedite things.  We want insulin pump therapy for our son, he wants it too, we researched and reviewed and tested and chose a pump, we've spoken repeatedly with the insulin pump company, we've tried expressing our desire to our medical team and we've done a lot of WAITING!  

We have about five weeks before we all start back to whatever crazy shenanigans will be our new school year.  Both hubby and I are teachers and both kids are still school-aged.  None of us want to do the thrown-together-emergency-work/teach/learn-from-home again.  Only five weeks and our district hasn't announced exactly how things will be worked out but they have announced some "options".  I do not want to start figuring out a new piece of medical equipment in the midst of all that but I'll do it for N because I believe it is best for his health.  It's just, it would be easier if we could do it now before the **it-storm starts.

I appreciate that we have these great advancements in treatment options for my son.  I'm thankful that he is living day to day pretty much the same as if he didn't have a chronic health condition.  I'm NOT living the same.  I'm harboring my worry and my concern and my advocacy and my frustration and my impatience.  On a positive note, I phoned a friend about my frustrations and she is wonderful.  She told me she reads this blog sometimes though so now I feel weird writing about her.  She's currently waiting and working to get her daughter a G6 so she gets it.  She is jumping all the hoops but the hoops keep moving and so many of the ones you jump don't seem to move you forward or any closer to your goal at all.  What a messed up system.  I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine and I'll raise it to my fellow T1D mom's tonight.  Keep jumping those hoops ladies!

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