Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Oh the Woes

So yesterday our dexcom stopped providing information for almost an hour.  We hung in there and hoped for the best but it happened again in the afternoon and right around dinner time.  Today we lost signal for over an hour and reached out to dexcom.  They were GREAT! but I'm still tired and frustrated.

A while back I wrote about how frustrating it is to have exactly 90 days of supplies to last 3 months with no backups or spares at the end of that term.  We did get our next 90 day supply yesterday so we currently have 90 days of sensors and one transmitter that should last 90 days. 

When I talked to dexcom today they wondered why our transmitter hadn't warned us that we wouldn't have enough battery because the battery expires at 90 days but our sensor session wasn't due to expire until June 12.  So our transmitter needs replacing today (even though technically it should last until tomorrow I was told) but we only had 9 sensors each lasting 10 days originally so why would the sensor be expiring before we were finished with our last sensor?  I don't know and he couldn't answer it either.  He wondered if maybe I hadn't put a sensor on one day?  No I definitely have put the sensor on each time it was due although we did move it from our initial morning start to the afternoon between sessions once.  

No worries, they are sending us a replacement sensor because we need to end our session early and start a new session with a new transmitter.  I wonder if anyone else would see the problem here.  My transmitter is now going into use two days before it was meant to so we will likely run out of transmitter before our next 90 day supply shows up.  I know this is a minor issue and I should be grateful that we have this great technology and I don't have to poke N's finger 5-8 times per day but I have had to poke it several times yesterday and several times today while we are dealing with all this and near the end of our 90 days our transmitter will run out of battery and this time I won't have another available because they don't ship them a day before the 90 day mark...ugh!

Of course, today is also a day that for some unknown reason, N is running with higher than average blood sugars.  He has been over 200 every time we've checked and each time we give a correction but it doesn't seem to be doing any good at all!  My new community of experts all reassure me that this kind of thing happens.  It could be something he ate, or stress, or growth spurt, or not enough liquids, or a full moon but it is not because I am doing anything wrong.  

That is something I heard myself telling hubby just a few minutes ago when he got home and wondered why we've been high all day and last night and why he keeps getting "no data" alerts.  We're fine, we're good, we've got this under control as much as we are able to have it under control.  I'm tired, I was awake last night watching the blood sugar rise and rise and unable to make a correction because I didn't want to risk stacking insulin.  This is still better than five months ago.  I'm just saying it is a lot and I've only been doing it for six months.  Other people have been doing this for years or their whole lives and without all this fabulous technology.  

That technology sure has it's advantages and some disadvantages.  I can't believe I'm thinking this but I guess I should go ahead and call about the insulin pump.  I mean, I've already been on the phone with medical things for over an hour today, might as well spend another hour or so to get told that we aren't getting an insulin pump yet.  Doesn't hurt to ask though:)

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