Thursday, April 9, 2020

Spring Break & Trying the Omnipod Sticker

Spring Break!

We are still home but this week is technically spring break!  I wish I could say I"m finally taking a break from online meetings and staring at a computer all day but our state just announced school closures will continue through the end of this school year.  I knew that was coming but it was heartbreaking to realize this school year will be distance all the way.

I am also working on my renewal for my National Boards.  This is a pretty in-depth profile of my professional growth from the past nine years and includes video taped lessons and reflections on my teaching practice.  The original timeline for completion was May so my plan was to video tape throughout March, then watch the video lessons, pick the best, and work on the reflection writing over spring break.  Fortunately I did begin video taping the second week in March but unfortunately I had at total of 3 days of video taping lessons before Covid-19 closed our campus.  Many of these lessons couldn't be used because I did not receive back permission slips to include all of my students in the submission and in a classroom students are often walking around in the background while you teach. After deleting all of those I had exactly three lessons left that met the time requirement.  Hmmm, wish me luck.

Omnipod Dash

So my T1D son is wearing an omnipod dash "sticker".  It gives us an idea of the adhesive, the weight and size of the pump, and how well he tolerates it's presence on his body for 3 days.  It isn't an active pump though so we get none of the benefits and we didn't get the whole experience.  This pump is tubeless and waterproof which are both strong pros for my son.  He is worried that his cat will chew on a tube in the middle of the night because Alfie currently chews up any earbuds he can find.  I like that they are in clinical trials for a new system that would work with his dexcom on a loop system but we can't put our faith in that  happening soon.  We have to choose from what we have in front of us. Sounds like this system would require him to carry his phone for the dexcom and the separate PDM.  We'd be able to suspend his basal insulin if needed to prevent hypoglycemia. He would be spared the 5 daily injections he gets currently.  That is a lot of positive.

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